On this page you can download forms to fill out and mail or e-mail back to us.  We request that you fill the forms out completely with all needed information so that we can serve you better. 

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Click the link below to print, fill out and mail to us so that we can contact you as soon as possible.  We ask that you fill out the form completely. I have these forms in office 2010 publication and in Adobe reader.  Contact us if you have any problems with viewing or downloading these forms.

Size : 160.546 Kb
Type : pdf
Booking Agreement.1.docx Booking Agreement.1.docx
Size : 100.312 Kb
Type : docx
Client Info Sheet.1.docx Client Info Sheet.1.docx
Size : 100.235 Kb
Type : docx

Directions for use of above Client Info Sheet & Booking Agreement.1  Must have Microsoft  Word:  Open or save document to hard drive, fill in required fields, print, sign and email to nuthinbutthetunes@gmail.com.  Performer will sign and date and email back to client.  If you do not have Microsoft Word, use below booking contract, print, fill out, sign, date and email to nuthinbutthetunes@gmail.com.

booking contract CLIENT COPY.final.pdf booking contract CLIENT COPY.final.pdf
Size : 96.296 Kb
Type : pdf
reception requests.pdf reception requests.pdf
Size : 329.959 Kb
Type : pdf
bridal party intro.pdf bridal party intro.pdf
Size : 169.217 Kb
Type : pdf
Regular party request sheet.pdf Regular party request sheet.pdf
Size : 366.945 Kb
Type : pdf
request list form.pdf request list form.pdf
Size : 424.624 Kb
Type : pdf
reception plan worksheet.pdf reception plan worksheet.pdf
Size : 358.922 Kb
Type : pdf
reception elements.pdf reception elements.pdf
Size : 224.463 Kb
Type : pdf

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