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After spending 15 years working for other DJ companies, something occurred to me... DJ's were charging their clients way to much money!  This didn't sit very well with me.  I had grown sick of seeing good people getting taken advantage of by "sharks" for lack of a better term.  These individuals were taking peoples hard earned money that really had no idea of what they were dealing with.  DJ's were and still are for the most part very uninformative when it comes to telling clients what to expect from their service, assisting clients with song selections for special events in their lives and just over all vague as to what they do

Nuthin' But the Tunes aims to fix all of that.  We think you should be in the loop the whole way through! We're not here to be more trouble than we're worth.  My goal is to offer you the best possible service at the lowest possible rate.  I will work with you every step of the way!  I'm not going to leave my part of the show solely in your hands.  You can expect to hear from your DJ regularly to discuss changes in venue, music or spotlight dances.  We understand that you have other things to worry about regarding your event.  Our goal is to make sure you're not doing it alone.  You should be spoken to openly and honestly.  You should know exactly what your getting for your buck.

Nuthin' But the Tunes knows how tight budgets are today.  With the current economic climate you shouldn't be paying $400 - $500.00 for 4 hours of music!  Our rates are low for a reason!  We want you to consider us to be your affordable alternative to the over priced DJ's out there.  We want you to come to us every time you have a special event in your life.  What are you waiting for?  Contact us now!  


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